4 Reasons to Visit Paris before Clin d’Oeil Festival

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Paris

(before the Clin d'Oeil Festival)

Hello! Where am I? I’m in Paris, France! It’s a gorgeous city.

See that building behind me? Of course, it’s a famous Catholic church. What’s It called? It’s the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is how you sign it. Whew. What does it mean?Notre means “Our”. Dame means “Lady” hence the meaning “Our Lady”.

Now that brings me to the point of this video – Many folks will head to the Clin d’ Oeil Festival at the end of June through the 1st week of July. It’s not happening here in Paris, but it’s a 45 minute train ride away. What’s the city name? Reims, France. Whew, so many deaf people from all over the world will head to Clin d’Oeil Festival. There’ll be thousands and thousands of people socializing throughout that four day event. I’m sure many of you will fly here into Paris. It’s perfect! I’m sure many of you will stay here for a few days before heading down to Reims! Am I right? Perfect.

We’re providing various group tours at a few museums here – The first one is at the The Louvre! It’s a famous museum known for its art pieces and esteemed paintings including the Mona Lisa masterpiece painted by Leonardo da Vinci. You can go in with a local French Deaf tour guide who’ll lead you on tours directly in sign language whether that’s ASL or International Sign and absorb tons of new information. Pretty cool. Having that access is amazing. There’s another location near here – 
a gigantic palace called the “Palace of Versailles”. Which city is it in? Versailles, France. Prepare to be awestruck. It’ll be led by another deaf tour guide who signs as you explore that site. Wow! Plus, see the Notre Dame Cathedral?We’ll have another deaf tour guide who will show you around as you explore the esteemed church and explain the history behind this site, why it’s important to Paris, etc.

Are you curious? Go check out our website and book as many tours you want with friends or other folks that you know of! Book your preferred dates and times on June 27, 28, and 29. There’s different museum tours on those days that you can check out and book which tour you want. See you there on a group tour! 

It’ll be fun having all deaf people signing. Again, what’s important? Access! Much better than a hearing tour reading pamphlets to understand what’s being said. It’s much better having a deaf tour guide instead. Whatcha waiting for? Come join us! See ya soon.

The Clin d’Oeil festival will be held at the end of June through the first week of July in Reims, France.

This world-renowned festival occurs every other year where thousands upon thousands of deaf people from across the world gather together to socialize, attend live performances, view street art, and attend various exhibitions. We appreciate how the Clin d’Oeil Festival showcases various sign languages and our rich deaf culture. We truly understand how amazing this festival is.

However, if you’re already traveling across Europe or plan to land in Paris a few days prior to the festival, sign up for one of our inaugural tours! We offer you an opportunity that cannot be missed.

We have three local deaf French tour guides (Sandrine, Alexis and Henri) who will lead various tours to four historical sites in either International Sign or American Sign Language (ASL). You’ll be able to tour the esteemed Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle and the Old City Walk, the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum (famous for having the Mona Lisa painting amongst others) and St. Jacques Deaf School – the very first deaf school in the world with a deaf signing guide! Don’t miss out on having the experience to tour with your friends or family!

Hurry and sign up for one of our
tours available on June 27, 28 and 29!

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