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With direct communication in American Sign Language and Deaf guides, we bring you a “close-up tour” in Washington, D.C. that we provide your students with a more intimate and in-depth experience of the city’s landmarks, history, and culture. Unlike larger group tours, we offer smaller groups, allowing for a more personalized and interactive experience.

These tours may involve visits to iconic landmarks, historical sites, deaf-focused sights, neighborhoods, and cultural institutions. They often include detailed explanations and stories provided by knowledgeable deaf tour guide(s) and/or deaf special guests, giving your students a deeper understanding of the significance and context of the places they visit.

Our tours may also offer unique perspectives, such as access to areas that are not typically open to the public, behind-the-scenes experiences, or opportunities for interactive activities.


Melinda Jones

Tour Coordinator

Direct Consultation

A full direct access in sign language with your consultant for full understanding of the process.


Tell us your wish list and leave it up to us to make it happen exactly the way you want.

Support Guaranteed

Our 20+ years of proven experience will guarantee your satisfaction with the service we provide… no exceptions!

Expert Team

Having a rich ecosystem network of local deaf guides locally will reward you with an unique travel experience.


BRIEF TEXT ABOUT CEASD SUMMIT and what’s INCLUDED.  (sample below)

This is a four-day Washington High School Program is a one-of-a-kind student travel experience! During this four-day/three-night program, students participate in study visits to some of our country’s most celebrated landmarks and institutions and gain the skills to become active, engaged citizens.  

 With Close Up, students have the opportunity to: 

  • Discuss current events with experts, policymakers, and members of Congress or their staff; 
  • Explore Capitol Hill and witness a live congressional committee hearing to see how laws are made;* 
  • Debate the most pressing issues facing our nation with peers from across the United States in a Mock Congress; and 
  • Visit awe-inspiring monuments, memorials, museums, and landmarks such as the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world. 




This is a six-day program, students make personal connections with the people, institutions, and iconic sites that embody our nation’s past and present.  

As students tour our nation’s capital and forge new, lasting friendships, they have the chance to: 

  • Discuss current issues with experts, policymakers, and members of Congress or their staff; 
  • Explore Capitol Hill and witness a live congressional committee hearing to see how policy is crafted;* 
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with peers from around the country and debate the most pressing issues facing our nation in a Mock Congress; 
  • Visit and study the famous monuments and memorials, world-renowned museums, and hallowed institutions that define our history; and 
  • Get a glimpse of diplomacy by visiting an embassy and meeting an ambassador or diplomat.* 

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