April School Tour Updates

Where in the World is Hands On Travel?

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that HOT’s 2022 Tour Season has started!

Darren Frazier, Hands On Travel’s Operation Manager and Tour Guides, headed out to Munich, Germany early April 2022 to kick off our very first International Educational Tour in two years! Watch our video to see where we had tours with the Utah School for the Deaf, California School for the Deaf – Fremont, Rochester School for the Deaf and The Learning Center for the Deaf. 

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Hello! Where am I? I’m at the airport! I’m so ready to fly out of here! Where am I headed?? Munich, Germany! Wow! This is trubiz happening! I have goosebumps! It’s been two years since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic hit! Our company, Hands On Travel (HOT), hasn’t yet traveled or done any international tours in different countries around the world! 

Now, we’re ready to move ahead and to start providing different tours with Deaf schools, ASL/ITP College & University Programs, regular group tours, and even private group tours! With all three upcoming tours, we’re super excited to go ahead and lead tours again across the world! Wow, I still can’t believe it! 

Our team right now is preparing for the next three weeks. What’s up?? We’ll have three deaf schools – not exactly – but three deaf school tours. How many deaf schools do we have? First, we have my tour with Utah Schools for the Deaf & Blind (USDB). As a group, we will travel to Germany, travel through Czechia (Czech Republic), and then down to Austria, where that’ll lead us back to Munich, Germany. After that, USDB will fly back home to America. 

Our second tour is with another deaf school California School for the Deaf (CSD) Fremont. Where will they be traveling to? Portugal! Who’s leading that tour? Dan Brubaker. He will lead CSD Fremont’s tour all over Portugal. 

Last, but not least is our third deaf school tour! We’ll combine two different deaf schools that’ll be the same tour! Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) in Upstate New York and The Learning Center for Deaf (TLC) from Massachusetts. Where are both RSD and TLC traveling to? England and France! Wow!

We can’t believe that all 3 deaf school tours are happening this month of April! I can’t stop saying wow! Everyone on our 3 deaf schools tours will get to explore Europe before traveling back home to America.

What’s for sure? Everyone on our tours will remember fondly the quality and unique 100% full straight access to ASL with no third party ASL interpreters needed! We’re Deaf empowered, Deaf Centered and Deaf Led. HOT hires Deaf Locals to be our tour guides in various different cities. This of course causes our customers to be in awe of locals signing in their native sign language, International Sign, ASL or even in International Gestures. Champ experience for all! 

So, I’m letting you all know that I gotta take off now and tell myself “Bon Voyage!” What does that mean? It’s in French. It means “Good Travels!” I look forward to flying to Europe soon. Farewell.

Darren Frazier, Operations Manager and Tour Guide with Hands On Travel, stands in middle of an airport terminal with people moving about behind him. Darren is a light skinned white man who’s wearing a olive green sweatshirt and a plaid newsboy cap.

The beginning of the video has a cover with a photo of a European map underneath a blue background. The Hands On Travel logo is animated starting at the center and moves up to the top right hand corner. A white rectangular box appears in the middle with text April 2022. The title of the video is animated that states “Where in the world is Hands On Travel?” 

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