Sign Language Courses

We’re excited to offer a series of online sign languages courses from around the world via Zoom with native experienced Deaf Sign Language instructors. CEUs are available by participating in these courses for anyone interested in learning second sign language.

There's never been a to learn about other new sign languages and cultures.

Cultural Connection

Learn more about different countries through the optic of local deaf natives. They teach you about their country’s language, deaf culture, and much more with unmatched passion.


Upon request, Registry of Interpreter CEU credits are available for participation in these learning experiences.




Often we are truly curious about what it is like for deaf people in other countries out of our typical day-to-day routine. These experiences allow us to dive into a reality different than ours.


Pick up on the intriciaties of different sign languages, as learning a new language is one of the best way to expand one’s horizons.

What will you learn?

It’s easy to feel lost in a new place and not know what’s real. But with our courses, you’ll have the tools necessary for interacting with Deaf people who live there as well as other locals so that your experience is authentic!


Each country in this world has its own rich culture, both deaf culture and general culture. Our goal is to give you a brief immersion into both.


Sometimes the entire history of a country is hard to translate into writing or through video. It is often easier to learn about history from a native of that country who explains in sign language.


Pick up on the intriciaties of different sign languages, as learning a new language is one of the best way to expand one’s horizons.

6 sessions through Zoom for a total of 12 hours. 2 hours session. 1x per week. 6 weeks course. 


With Guillaume Chastel
Guillaume Chastel was born Deaf in Paris, France. He obtained bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics & Education in 1996 and his master’s degree in Deaf Education in 1997, both from Gallaudet University. He had been co-director and senior lecturer of the ASL Program at the University of Rochester, New York for 12 years. He has taught Langue des Signes Françasie (LSF) / French Sign Language for 15 years. Also, he had worked with Hands On Travel in France during Summer 2018.

September 13-October 18
LSF1 Mondays 7pm-9pm Eastern Time

September 16-October 21 (FULL)
LSF3 Thursdays 7pm-9pm Eastern Time

Hands on Travel - French Sign Language (LSF) - Course
Hands on Travel - Italian Sign Language (ISL) - Course


With Betty D'Aversa
Maria Beatrice D’Aversa, born in Rome to deaf parents and with a deaf brother, grew up with Italian sign language as her primary language. Always passionate about Italian Sign Language (LIS), she is currently the president of the Gruppo SILIS cooperative, founded in 1989 with the goals of spreading the use of LIS through teaching, training interpreters, training communication assistants for deaf students in schools, and giving support to bilingual projects in schools. Betty, as she is known, still finds some time to teach a few LIS classes in addition to being president. During her free time, Betty loves to travel the world and seek out great food.

September 15-October 20
LIS1 Wednesdays 3pm-5pm Eastern Time



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