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Expanding our horizons through travel

This world is our home. While we explore it together, our goal is to be integrated into the places we visit as locals rather than as tourists. We are opposed to the idea of predatory tourism.


Why work here

Freedom is about being able to make your own decisions and bring all of youself into work. We empower our team with incredible opportunities, so they can pursue their dreams professionally while still remaining true to themselves personally.

Work Culture

Our company culture is often celebrated, never duplicated. At the heart of all the fun are great people with a passion for organic and authentic travel experiences all over the world.

Why choose us?

Our beliefs

Deaf Ecosystem

Supporting local Deaf ecosystem: businesses, organizations and guides.

Direct Communication

100% sign language in two-way conversations with Deaf guide(s).

Small Groups

Extra attention to your safety, comfort, and needs. Greater ease in travel logistics.

60% Repeat Customers

Quality tour experience to ensure our customers are happy after every tour ends.

Travel Experts

Our team have travel experience in over 60+ countries through countless trips.

Flexible Booking

So easy that you can choose how to make payments with us.

What roles are our company seeking to fill?

We would rather seek talent and find roles to fit their strengths than trying to fit round pegs into square holes.


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