Mexico 2023

October 24 - November 4​

Mexico 2023

October 24 - November 4



12 days





This journey explores the fiery and mysterious land of the Aztecs and much more in Mexico! Visit the impressive pyramids of Teotihuacan and Monte Alban. Learn LSM with Deaf Mexicans. Learn the world of art, love and life by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Visit authentic colonial towns including Puebla. Impress your families & friends with your cooking skills by participating in a Mexican cooking class. For the finale, celebrate the Day of the Dead Festival in Oaxaca before returning home with unforgettable experience!






Per person, double occupancy. 


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Too many colorful sights to see! Walk the grounds where the pyramids of Teotihuacan and Monte Alban are. Appreciate the art history of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.



Meet renowned Deaf Artist, Rolando Siguenza, and his beautiful artworks. Learn how Frida Kahlo use arts as messages and see the incredible murals painted by Diego Rivera.



Mexico, a huge country, that varies in climate and geography. Landscapes include tropical rain forests, deserts and seashores, and is covered by high plateaus and rugged mountains.



The tasty and unique Mexican cuisine is a top favorite all around the world. And there is so much more to discover than burritos, guacamole, and salsa. That is only the first course.


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DAY 1-4

DAY 1 - Arrival into Mexico City. Meet your tour guides before transferring to your hotel. Time permitting, do an easy walkabout near the hotel. Welcome dinner. Stay in the heart of Mexico City for five nights.

DAY 2 - Visit their Zocalo, meaning ‘main square’, where the Cathedral and National Palace are located. See famous Diego Rivera’s murals on the history of Mexico. Also, visit the Templo Mayor, the ancient site of Tenochtitlan. Move on to the Alameda, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and Museo Mural Diego Rivera. Go up the Torre Latinoamericana.

DAY 3 - Go out of the city to see the mysterious pyramids of Teotihuacan, “the Place of the Gods.” Teotihuacan was one of the greatest sites of the Aztec empire, as well as the largest city in the Americas. On return, stop by and visit the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe, the foremost religious shrine for Mexicans.

DAY 4 - Museum Day! We will travel to the southern suburbs of Coyoacan and San Angel to see the Frida Kahlo Blue House, the Diego Rivera Studio House, and Coyoacan Downtown, Anahuacalli, & Dolores Olmedo and walk the pleasant, leafy streets.

DAY 5-8

DAY 5 - Go to Chapultepec and visit the Castillo de Chapultepec, Monument of the Ninos Heroes, and the world-famous Anthropology museum.

DAY 6 - Morning drive to Puebla and discover why it was named Human Heritage City by the UNESCO. Do a walking tour of the town and see beautifully preserved architecture from the Spanish colonial era, such as the Cathedral Santo Domingo. Stay in Puebla for two nights.

DAY 7 - Pay a visit to the ancient town of Cholula, in habited for over 3,000 years and considered the sacred city of Mexico. Explore the Great Pyramid of Cholula, admire the church resting atop the pyramid, and learn about the town’s fascinating history. On return, end the day with street food tour.

DAY 8 - A leisurely, long drive through the cactus countryside, with brief stops, to Oaxaca, one of the most charming colonial cities in Mexico. After hotel check-in, go for a walkabout around the town and its Zocalo with a local deaf guide. Stay in Oaxaca for four nights.

DAY 9-12

DAY 9 - For the half-day, go biking or walking along the Zapotec Cultural Trail. Highlights: the famous 2000 year old Tule tree, various villages along the old trading route, 16th century monastery, garlic and corn plantations, a 600 B.C. Zapotec archeological site, and finally, the oldest settlement of the Zapotec people. Have hearty lunch in local town. Feeling hot and sweaty, end your day by soothing your tired body at a petrified waterfall, Hierve el Agua. By early evening, immerse in the 1st day of the Day of the Dead Festival with our local deaf guide(s) as well as mingle with local deaf Mexicans.

DAY 10 - Get your taste buds ready by participating in Oaxaca-style cooking class – you’ll go to Mercado de Benito Juarez in the morning to buy the ingredients to cook and eat your own dishes for lunch! Briefly meet a deaf owner of a mole factory, 3rd generation family business since 1952! By early evening, immerse in the 2nd day of the Day of the Dead Festival with our local deaf guide(s) as well as mingle with local deaf Mexicans.

DAY 11 - Start your day by heading to the ancient pyramids of Monte Alban where its stones were used to build Oaxaca by Zapotec Indians more than 1,000 years ago. After lunch, go for an art walk with a local famous deaf artist around town. By early evening, have a farewell dinner. Then, celebrate the final day of the Day of the Dead Festival with our local deaf guide(s) as well as mingle with local deaf Mexicans.

DAY 12 - Take your morning flight to Mexico City for your connecting return flight.

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10 available space(s) left.


Per person, double occupancy.

10 available space(s) left.


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