About The Tour

Japan: Explore the exotic Far East and embrace its cultural riches, traditions, natural beauty, spiritual sights, tasty cuisines and spiritual moments in magnificent Japan. Be dazzled by magnificent shogun shrine in Nikko. Brave your walkway through the world’s busiest pedestrian intersection in electrifying Shibuya. Meet and mingle with deaf Japanese locals. Say your prayers at a sobering Peace Park in Hiroshima. Leave Japan with a great deal of honor, respect and culture appreciation.


$3,750 USD per person/double occupancy (for a group of 8 persons)

$500 USD deposit per person is required to reserve space on a first come, first serve basis.

The remaining balance must be paid in full 90 days before the first day of the tour.

Travel Protection

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Breakfast – B Dinner – D

OCTOBER 20 • • •
Arrive in Tokyo at around afternoon, transfer to hotel via JR trains. Rest, dine, and recover from jet lag. Stay in Tokyo for 4 nights.

OCTOBER 21 • • •
Start your morning by hopping onto a rickshaw to Tokyo’s largest temple, Senso-ji. Have lunch before enjoying the panorama view of Tokyo’s SkyTree. Visit the glitzy Ginza boulevard. Have an orientation meeting and welcome dinner near the hotel. B, D

OCTOBER 22 • • •
Head over to the world’s largest fish market in Tsukiji. Meet the famous loyal dog Hachiko in Shibuya and cross the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. Check out the bustle at Shinjuku, the busiest train station in the world. Have dinner at a Deaf-owned restaurant, Fusao, near Shinjuku. B

OCTOBER 23 • • •
Visit Meisei Gakuen to meet and observe young Deaf pupils. After lunch, go to Ryogoku to see the Edo-Tokyo museum to learn all about the history in Tokyo. Use the free time in the evening to do some shopping. B

OCTOBER 24 • • •
Take the shinkansen to Kanazawa. Let a local Deaf guide show you the wonders of one of Japan’s top gardens, Kenrokuen. Amble through the streets of Higashi-Chaya district and ponder what it was like living in Japan 150 years ago. Stay in Kanazawa for 2 nights. B

OCTOBER 25 • • •
Board on early morning train to mountainous Hida region to Shirakawago, a beautiful folk village, to see unique wooden houses built to withhold the hash winters. Go back to Kanazawa to do some independent sightseeing and shopping. B

OCTOBER 26 • • •
Take a limited express train straight to Kyoto, and go to Arashiyama to visit a Deaf research center, and tour the area to see and feel the mystique of the bamboo forest. Learn about the Japanese version of dragons by visiting the giant dragon mural in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tenryu-ji. Become in peace by watching the serene landscape around Tenryu-ji. Stay in Kyoto for 3 nights. B, D

OCTOBER 27 • • •
Get up early in the morning to see the thousand red torii in Fushimi before the morning tourist rush. Then go to Higashiyama to see the famous Kiyomizu-dera temple. Do some shopping in the area and experience the traditional Tea Ceremony. Tour the Gion district at night to hunt for geisha sightings. B

OCTOBER 28 • • •
Take the train straight to Nara, about 50 km south of Kyoto. Bow to the deer, which are free to roam around the Nara Park, and some of them will bow back. Be in awe of the giant and magnificent Buddha Statue in Todaiji. Take another train and weave through a valley to Iga, where ninjas used to train. See the wooden building full of hidden doors and traps for ninjas to defend themselves with. Enjoy the ninja show and try throwing shuriken! If you do good enough, you get a prize! Return to Kyoto for the night. B

OCTOBER 29 • • •
Shinkansen to Hiroshima. After lunch, visit the Peace Memorial Building and learn how much the locals suffered during and after the A-bomb. Chow down the famous Okonomiyaki, the soul food of Hiroshima. Stay in Hiroshima for 2 nights. B, D

OCTOBER 30 • • •
Take the morning ferry to see the scenic Miyajima Island, as known as the Island of Gods. See the iconic giant red torii “floating” on the lake during low and high tides. Take your time to amble around the island to discover many secrets it is hiding. B

OCTOBER 31 • • •
Take the shinkansen to Odawara, and then switch to a train to Hakone-Yumoto. Stay at a traditional Japanese inn, called a ryokan, and experience a Japanese-style dinner. Bathe in a hot springs. Stay in Hakone for 2 nights. B, D

NOVEMBER 1 • • •
Go on a full-day tour around the mountains of Hakone, seeing the sulphur fumes of Owakudani, perhaps eat their black eggs! Wonder at the mind-bending art of Hakone Open-Air Museum. Marvel at the grandeur of Mt. Fuji by Lake Ashi, weather permitting. Have farewell dinner at Hakone-Yumoto. B, D

NOVEMBER 2 • • •
Board on early morning train with connections to Narita International Airport for your afternoon return flight to your home destination. B