About The Tour

Explore Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan, and see a different side of Japan. Rich variety of foods, including ramen, perhaps their famous one. Some of the best hot springs to purify your skin and calm your spirits. Take your breath away at the remote Yakushima, a natural wonder. Appreciate the history including samurais and wars against the oppressive Tokugawa shogunate. Come to Kyushu to have new experiences of the old.

Note: This tour is designed for rugged and budget travelers who are interested in exploring Japan the local way. Good physical shape is highly recommended for this ‘heavy’ walking tour. Welcome and farewell dinner meals are included but all other daily meals are on your own. Final itinerary and price are subject to change.


$3,150 USD per person/double occupancy

$500 USD deposit per person is required to reserve space on a first come, first serve basis.

The remaining balance must be paid in full 90 days before the first day of the tour.

Travel Protection

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Breakfast – B, Dinner – D

MARCH 25 • • •
Arrive in Fukuoka Airport in Fukuoka anytime and transfer to hotel. Rest, dine, and recover from jet lag. Stay in Fukuoka for 2 nights. D

MARCH 26 • • •
Go to Dazaifu by train, eat the famous yatai ramen in Fukuoka. Walk around Fukuoka city to see the nightlife. B

MARCH 27 • • •
Drive to Beppu and see the 7 Hells, pits of smoldering hot springs. Meet the resident alligators basking in the steam. Eat the famous sashimi caught fresh from the Beppu Bay, or some pudding steamed from the Hells. Stay in Beppo for 1 night. B

MARCH 28 • • •
Drive towards the mountains to the scenic town Yufuin and eat some cheesecake and do some shopping. Continue on over the Kuju Mountains, Kyushu’s highest mountain range to the famous, gorgeous Kurokawa Onsen. Stay at a ryokan, take a private bath and eat a sumptuous dinner at the ryokan. Stay in Kurokawa for 1 night. B, D

MARCH 29 • • •
Drive toward Aso, see the panorama of the Aso mountains, shaped like a reclining Buddha. Eat ice cream and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe in the middle of the farmland with a full view of the Aso Mountains. Drive up to the smoking caldera of Mt. Aso. Take a stop at a deaf-owned cake shop before going to Kumamoto City. Stay in Kumamoto for 2 nights. B

MARCH 30 • • •
A walking tour of the Kumamoto City. Eat horse sashimi, if you dare. Visit the rugged Kumamoto Castle, recently damaged by the earthquake, but still standing tall, a testimony to the skill of ancient builders. Eat Kumamoto’s famous black ramen. B

MARCH 31 • • •
Take the ferry across the Arima Bay to Nagasaki. See the castle ruins of a famous battle between the Christians and the Tokugawa government. Drive to Nagasaki City, sample their original Chanpon soup, before making an unforgettable visit to their Peace Museum and Park commemorating the atomic bomb it suffered almost 75 years ago. Wrap the day up on the top of Mt. Inasa, where you will see the a million-dollar view of the entire city of Nagasaki. Stay in Nagasaki for 2 nights. B, D

APRIL 1 • • •
Walk around Nagasaki City to see Catholic catherdals, Dejima where foreigners were confined during the Edo period. Do some shopping in the city. B

APRIL 2 • • •
Take a shinkansen to Kagoshima, the southernmost part of Kyushu, and behold the Vesuvius of Japan, Sakurajima. Take a rest after a week of constant moving. Enjoy Kagoshima’s delicious liqueur, shochu, and some of their local and varied Satsuma cuisine. Meet Deaf locals. Stay in Kagoshima for 3 nights. B, D

APRIL 3 • • •
Easy walking tour of Kagoshima City. Eat waffles made by Deaf people, Satsuma Waffles. Stroll around downtown and stop by the picturesque Sengansen garden villa. Learn about the samurai Saigo Takamori, a hero of Japan, who also inspired the movie The Last Samurai. B

APRIL 4 • • •
Drive to the Ibusuki Peninsula, the location of sand bath by the sea where you will be buried in sand up to your neck for 10 minutes! Visit the Chiran museum, where the last letters and memoirs of kamikaze pilots are stored, and ponder about what their thoughts might have been before their flew on their final mission. Return to Kagoshima for dinner. B

APRIL 5 • • •
Take a ferry to the amazing Yakushima Island, where deer and monkeys roam freely. Take a short hike into the dense forest of Yakushima to see a mossy paradise, Shirotani Unkyo. Eat a dish of flying fish. Stay at a Deaf-owned farm. Stay in Yakushima for 1 night. B

APRIL 6 • • •
Go see the giant cedars thousands of years old. Take a bath in the tidal pool, only available two times a day for a couple of hours, when the tide’s low. Visit some waterfalls and see more monkeys in the wildest portion of the Yakushima coast, the western part. Return to Kagoshima by ferry. Have farewell dinner. Stay in Kagoshima for 1 night. B, D

APRIL 7 • • •
Return to Fukuoka by shinkansen to catch your return flight. B