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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a company selected by Hands On Travel to manage bookings and collect payments.

Be sure to bookmark your WeTravel account while you’re signed in.

Click and view your Profile. If you haven’t, please type in your mailing address and phone number (VP or mobile). If your address changes, you can edit your Profile.

Click and view My Trips. Select any trip you joined. Then click on Managing Booking to view the following:

Payment Status: the total amount you already paid and the remaining balance due now.

Payment Plan: check your installment payment schedule with the due dates.

Pay Installment: make a payment by selecting one of the following options:

a) installment payment (if not automatically made)

(b) full amount

(c) partial amount box (to be filled in)

Payment Methods:

Choose (a) pay by check or (b) pay with your credit card.

With autopay, your installment payments will be made automatically. If you want to sign up for
autopay or stop it, please contact Hands On Travel (see last two questions below).

Call your bank and find out what’s wrong (maybe it is because of your card’s expiration date). Or you can use a different credit card. Then you can go ahead and make a “catch up” payment after clicking on Pay Installment.

Yes, you can make partial or installment payments on your own without autopay.

You can make a payment in any amount in the partial amount box.

Click on the Message the Organizer button where your message will be sent to Hands On Travel.

They include the following: 

  • Change your payment plan.
  • Sign up for autopay or stop autopay.
  • Change or cancel your trip.
  • Request a partial or full refund.
  • Anything else about your booking or payments.

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