Tour Highlights – USD & RSD Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country to visit because of its rich history which spans centuries and centuries. A visit to Egypt is essential for whomever is interested in understanding the roots of our civilization. Students from Utah School for the Deaf and Rochester School for the Deaf were lucky to spend 10 days in this country exploring some of its highlights and immersing themselves into the local culture.

We had a great team of local guides led by Maged who made sure that everything went smoothly for us. First, we started in the south of Egypt (Upper Egypt) where we visited the Aswan Dam, the temple of Abu Simbel, and more. Then we embarked onto a cruise down the Nile River for 3 nights. Along the way we stopped by Luxor to visit the Valley of Kings, the Edfu Temple, and Kom Ombo Temple. In addition we had fun swimming at the pool on top of the river cruise boat and sampling different foods during our meals.

Afterwards, we returned to the Cairo area (Lower Egypt) and stayed at a hotel with awesome views of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Wow, what a majestic view it was. All of us were able to enjoy the view during our breakfast and dinner at the rooftop hotel restaurant. We rode camels in the sand dunes with the pyramids in the background which was definitely a highlight of the trip for many of us. We also visited Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, and Alexandria by the sea.

Our tour ended with a few days in Cairo where we went to the Egyptian Museum to gawk at King Tut’s death mask, coffins, and valuables that were found in his tomb. We also visited an Egyptian bazaar, ate at a deaf-owned kebab restaurant, and toured the old churches and mosques of Old Cairo. For our farewell dinner we had a cruise on the Nile River.

Overall, all of us learned so much from this trip not only about the history of Egypt but about understanding and respecting other cultures and other beliefs. We were in Egypt during the fasting period of Ramadan so it was a learning experience for us to see how Muslims lived and worked and functioned during that month. Hopefully everybody returned home with stories to tell!

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