The Ukraine Crisis Is Increasing Airline Fares: What Happens Next?

Prices for airline tickets have been going up as the Ukraine crisis continues. The cost of US airfare is up by $22+ since March, with Europe airfare by $30+. Airlines are raising fares to offset the increased fuel costs that have resulted from restrictions imposed on Russian flights. What does this mean for travelers like you?

Why are airlines raising fares?

The Ukraine crisis is causing a lot of problems for companies in the area. This includes airlines who are being required to fly longer distances and at higher altitudes. As a result, airlines are raising fares to offset the increased fuel costs that have resulted from restrictions imposed on Russian flights. Before this crisis, Russia was a major supplier of fuel to Ukraine. Now, it’s not possible for Russian planes to fly over Ukraine without running into risk for military action with the country. As a result, many airlines are now purchasing more expensive fuel from other countries. The US and Europe have been feeling the effects as well, with airfare up by $22+.

How can you find the cheapest airfare?

If you’re looking for a cheaper airfare, there are still some options. One option is to purchase your ticket well in advance. This will allow for the price to be more competitive because airlines often raise fares as the departure date nears. Additionally, rather than purchasing your airline ticket from an airline’s website or directly from their ticket agent, you can use a third party websites like Expedia and Travelocity. These websites offer deals on flights that are often better than what the airline offers. And they also offer other travel related services like hotel bookings, car rentals and other vacation packages so you can find everything you need in one place!

Should you buy airfare now?

Many people are wondering if it is a good idea to buy airfare now. Airlines are raising prices because of the crisis, but there also might be an opportunity for you to save money. If you purchase your airline ticket within the next few days, you could get a deal on your flight. For example, Norwegian Air has increased fares by $20 for one-way flights and $60 round-trip flights.

What should you do?

If you need to travel in the near future, don’t wait too long before purchasing your tickets. You’ll want to make sure they’re still available at a lower price, as airlines may no longer sell them later on. If you don’t have any immediate plans to fly or travel outside of the US, it might be wise to wait until prices go back down. You could end up saving yourself a lot of money!

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