University of Georgia joined us in Paris!

University of Georgia joined us in Paris and Lyon!

Hello! Guess where I am? I’m in Paris, France. I’m thrilled to be back here again! I haven’t been here in almost 2-3 years since before the Covid-19 Pandemic started. But, I did travel quite recently. Where was I? In Germany, Czechia (Czech Republic), and Austria. Who was I there for? I led a group tour for a deaf school across three countries before they headed home. I also went back home too and relaxed a bit.

Time flew by so quickly, so now it’s time for my next group tour here in Paris, France. Who’s the group I’m leading? I’ll hold off on that for a moment.

I want to spotlight what our company Hands On Travel has done since we started in 2002. We provide all types of group tours around the globe. Now, many of you think we only do deaf school group tours, but wait a second, we do provide group tours to American Sign Language (ASL) programs held at colleges and universities. Wicked cool. Champ, right?!

There’s many ASL programs out there where students are learning ASL, Deaf History and Culture, how the French brought ASL to America back then, and so much more. What more could you ask for?

Do you teach ASL in the classroom? Let’s bring it out of the classroom and bring your students over to France where they can meet local Deaf French people and signing tour guides. Visit local sites like deaf historical museums, go sightseeing and more, and plus, with me as your local Deaf tour guide, I’ll fully communicate in ASL.

Now I’ll tell you which ASL program I’ll be leading. The University of Georgia! I look forward to welcoming them here. Au Revoir! 

We welcomed University of Georgia American Sign Language (ASL) college students and their professor to join us on a tour of Paris and Southern France. We journeyed through the birthplaces of Laurent Clerc and Ferdinand Berther, toured sites in Lyons and La Balme-les-Grottes, Louhans, and Beaune and spent several days in Paris exploring deaf and historical attractions. 

We sincerely thank Darren Frazier, our tour guide, and several UGA Students who shared their photos with us!

Check out our photo & video gallery below

This is why they signed up for this tour!
Final night on a cruise to bid 'adieu' to Paris.
Visiting Laurent Clerc's birthplace.
Standing in front of a plague in honor of Laurent Clerc.

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